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Obama administration a revolving door for lobbyists


Speaking out against the influence of lobbyists in Washington was a hallmark of President Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Three years later, it’s painfully evident that all of Obama’s tough talk was just a bunch of hot air. 

from the WaPo:

More than half of Obama’s 47 biggest fundraisers, those who collected at least $500,000 for his campaign, have been given administration jobs. Nine more have been appointed to presidential boards and committees.

At least 24 Obama bundlers were given posts as foreign ambassadors, including in Finland, Australia, Portugal and Luxembourg. Among them is Don Beyer, a former Virginia lieutenant governor who serves as ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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On the other side of the revolving door in the Obama presidency is his White House staffers, many of whom have exited his administration to become lobbyists on K Street in Washington. 

from Roll Call:

In the past two weeks alone, two Commerce Department officials went downtown: April Boyd, who was assistant secretary for legislative and intergovernmental affairs, joined Yahoo, where she will manage the company’s outreach to Democrats, and Kevin Griffis, who was senior adviser to the chief of staff, is now a principal at the Podesta Group, one of the city’s top-revenue-grossing lobby firms.

The duo is following in the footsteps of several other colleagues who have departed in recent months, including Jill
Zuckman, a senior Transportation Department official, who went to SKDKnickerbocker; Nate Tibbits, who left the National Security Council to chair the U.S. public affairs practice at Burson-Marsteller; and Madeline Otto, who went from the Department of Health and Human Services to the federal government relations department of Group Health Cooperative.

Dana Singiser became Planned Parenthood’s vice president of public policy and government relations last fall after serving in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. Another White House staffer, Dan Turton, departed last year to head the Washington, D.C., office for Entergy.

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Remember when this was supposed to be the most transparent, ethical President in history?

Nothing has been more depressing than class conscious people telling me they still support this president.

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    Nothing has been more depressing than class conscious people telling me they still support this president.
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